This clip is the continuation of "Gay For MVS".

You feel that you are man enough to keep up with my lifestyle. You bow down to me with claims that you can be my "number one submissive".

The question is, do you really know what it takes to be my submissive? I want you to do filthy things for me, especially if you want access to worshiping my body. You want access to my leather, don't you?

I want you to be a fag for me. Yes, that's right I want you to be gay for me. I will seduce you, use mind control techniques and triggers to get you to be GAY COCKSUCKER for me, Ms. Vanity Sin. 

I love femme boys and if you truly want to become my submissive husband one day, then do as I get ready to suck my big black cock...

Lots of POV close ups of my black cock for you...

Gay For MVS PT2 - Clip


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